WASHWOW - Mouthwash Cup2: The Ultimate Solution for Healthier Oral Care

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DATE: TUE., AUGUST 1, 2023

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Mouthwash in a Natural Way

With cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal oral health without fluoride. Washwow Cup2 electrolyze chlorine in tap water and make HClO, which has been clinically proven to fight most bacteria in mouth.

Say Goodbye to Plaque & Bad Breath

With the Mouthwash Cup2, no plaque stands a chance. Its electrolysis cleaning technology generates HClO in water that break down and eliminate plaque, preventing its buildup and reducing the risk of dental issues, ensuring that you maintain fresh breath all day long.

Perfect for Dry Mouth, Sensitive Teeth & Gums

We understand that not everyone has the same oral health needs. That's why the Mouthwash Cup2 is designed to be gentle and accommodating to individuals with dry mouths, sensitive teeth, and gum issues, provides a soothing and non-irritating experience.

For Toothbrush Disinfecting

The Mouthwash Cup2 goes beyond mouthwash – it also disinfects your toothbrush. Simply place your toothbrush inside the cup, and let the electrolytic water work its magic. This feature ensures that your toothbrush stays clean and free from bacteria, keeping your oral care routine hygienic from start to finish.

Obtained Global Approvals

Experience refreshing oral hygiene with our quality-assured mouthwash cup, made with food grade plastic, backed by CE, FCC & EPA Certificate as well as COI (certificate of liability insurance), Washwow Mouthwash Cup2 elevates your oral care routine with confidence and reliability.

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