Washwow W1: New Era Cleaning Gadget, No Detergent Needed

Water Electrolysis Technology | No detergent

Redefine the way to clean laundry, fruits, vegetables, baby & pet supplies
Stains Removed in a Breeze

Every white shirt ends up getting stains on it. You get more upset when the stains still stubbornly remain after rubbing them with washing detergent. Now, by utilizing the electrolysis of water, Washwow W1 helps you effortlessly remove any stain including coffee, wine, grease, blood, grass, food and etc.

Get Rid of Chemical Pesticides

Pesticide residues can stick better to waxy or soft-skinned fruits, it makes washing fruits and vegetables before eating important. Washwow W1 is also a fruit & vegetable cleaning machine that can effectively remove pesticide residues on the surface and disinfect them, ensuring an original, natural and healthy taste.

A closed mouth catches no flies!

Babies and pets love to put everything into their mouths, thereby practicing good hygiene by cleaning and disinfecting their items regularly is essential. Washwow W1 can effectively eliminate bacteria and germs to prevent infectious diseases.

Your Portable Washing Machine

Washwow W1 is lightweight, compact and super portable. It’s a perfect solution for frequent travelers, backpackers, RV owners, letting them clean their laundry anywhere, anytime.

What is the Magic of Water Electrolysis?

The interior of Washwow W1 is coated with positive and negative electrodes from precious metals, maintaining a specific voltage and keeping current between them after being energized. Water electrolysis separates hydrogen, producing active oxygen and hypochlorous acid. Active oxygen is used to quickly and effectively break down organic dirt from your clothes and dissolve it in water. Hypochlorous acid also plays an essential role in cleaning and purifying, so dust and dust mites can’t easily stick to your clothes.

Eco-Friendly, Money Saving, Revolutionary

Washwow W1 can be reused for 3-5 years and it cleans and disinfects items without any detergents or bleach. It’s all natural! Have Washwow W1 in hand, You can go years without stocking up on laundry detergent and creating trash for the planet. You also get rid of annoying skin allergies!