Washwow C2: Cup for Mouthwash and Toothbrush Disinfection

The Laundry Revolution

WASHWOW W1 is a new and innovative home gizmo for daily laundry. It creates a cleaning environment like detergents and bleach by adopting the principle of water electrolysis. It’s an alternative solution to laundry detergents and can be reused for up to thousands times, giving you years of chemical-free, hands-free, eco-friendly & cost-effective cleaning experience.

Remove Stains in a Breeze

Every white shirt ends up getting stains on it. Have WASHWOW W1 in hand, you don’t have to google stain removal guides for different stain substances. Simply soak it with your clothes and it effortlessly removes any stains including coffee, wine, grease, juices, sauce and so on.

Get Rid Of Chemical Pesticides

Pesticide residues can stick better to waxy or soft-skinned fruits, it makes washing fruits and vegetables before eating important. Washwow W1 is also a fruit & vegetable cleaning machine that can effectively remove pesticide residues on the surface and disinfect them, ensuring an original, natural and healthy taste.

No Bacteria & Germs On Any Surface

Babies and pets love to put everything in their mouths, it’s important to keep their items clean and to disinfect them regularly and naturally. WASHWOW W1 can effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs to ensure the pacifier, chew toys and other supplies are clean and sterilized.

Your Portable Washing Machine

With the size of a soap, WASHWOW W1 is a compact and portable washing device that you can carry around wherever you go. WASHWOW W1 helps to clean your underwear, shirts, pants, socks in the easiest and most convenient way while traveling.

Remarkable Savings

With the massive built-in 5,000 mAh battery that can last for 2,000 hours, WASHWOW W1 is an eco-friendly product that you can use to clean your laundry over and over again for a few years.

Recycle The Present, Save The Future

The “wastewater” that comes out of the laundry by using WASHWOW products can be reused directly as there is no chemical added. You can use the water to clean the room, mop the floor, wipe the table, and even to water flowers and cultivate your favorite potted plants.

The Magic of Electrolyzed Water

WASHWOW W1 is specially coated with positive and negative electrodes from precious metals, maintaining a specific voltage and keeping current between them after being energized. Water electrolysis separates hydrogen, producing active oxygen and hypochlorous acid.

How Does It Work?

Active oxygen is used to quickly and effectively break down organic dirt from your clothes and dissolve it in water. Hypochlorous acid also plays an essential role in cleaning and purifying, so dust and dust mites can’t easily stick to your clothes.