How to sterilize and disinfect with electrolyzed water?

How to sterilize and disinfect with electrolyzed water?

Slightly acidic electrolyzed water (SAEW)

Working principle: Washwow mouthwash maker is an electrolyzed water generator. The principle is to use an electrolytic cell to electrolyze water to generate electrolyzed water for sterilization and disinfection. The internal surface of our washers is coated with positive and negative electrodes made of precious metals, which can maintain a certain voltage and current between them after being energized, and the electrolyzed water contains active hydroxide, hypochlorous acid, hydroxyl, and other substances that have sterilization and deodorization functions.


Deodorization and deodorization principle:

OH, H and O have a strong oxidizing ability, and have a rapid chain reaction with oral organic microorganisms, and oxidize them into CO2, H2O, or mineral salts, and there is no secondary pollution, offering the effect of deodorization and fresh breath.


Sterilization principle:

external isolation

Hypochlorite (HOCl ) can remove electrons from the surface functional proteins of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and molds so that the surface proteins are oxidized and inactive, it prevents the microorganisms from reaching nutrients and stop the activities of microorganisms,  which stops them from dividing and multiplying to achieve the bactericidal effect.

HOCl → HCl + [O]

Killing bacteria from the inside out

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a small neutral molecule that can penetrate the cell wall and cell membrane of microorganisms, directly react with its internal DNA and mitochondria and destroy the living substances such as proteins and nucleic acids of microorganisms from the inside, thus making it a very effective disinfectant.

R-NH-R + H O Cl → R 2 NCl + H 2 O

Japanese scientist Professor Fukuzaki published a paper on the principle of hypochlorous acid sterilization in "Biocontrol Science" in 2006

The human body also produces hypochlorous acid, which is the core bactericidal substance of our immune system. Therefore, pure "hypochlorous acid" is harmless to the human body.

The United States, the European Union, and Japan stipulate that the food-grade safety limit of hypochlorous acid is less than 80PPM (less than 80PPM can be used for food additives).

Product name

Mouthwash maker

Electrode material

Ruthenium Iridium Titanium

Charging input

5V, 2A

pH value


Rated power


Available chlorine content


Product Weight

2 58G _





Residual chloride ions


Service life

≥ 3000 hours


≥1000 mg /min

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