How WASHWOW products work?

How WASHWOW products work?
  1. Principle of electrolytic products

Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, under the action of direct current, hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are continuously reduced, breaking the equilibrium system and ionizing water continuously, and v①>v②, creating a continuous flow.

  • Anodic reaction: 4OH(-)-4e(-)=2H 2 O+O 2 ↑
  • Cathodic reaction: 2H(+)+2e(-)=H 2 ↑
  • Overall reaction: 2H 2 O = (energized) 2H 2 ↑+O 2 ↑
  1. The principle of use:

The principle of washing clothes with electrolyzed water is a new type of cleaning and disinfecting approach by using the reactive oxygen produced by electrolyzed water to decompose the dirt on the clothes. The internal surface of our washers is coated with positive and negative electrodes made of precious metals, which can maintain a certain voltage and current between them after being energized, and the water is electrolyzed to produce reactive oxygen (O2˙−, H2O2, and ˙OH) and hypochlorous acid (HOCL) are generated. Reactive oxygen can decompose organic dirt on clothes and dissolve them in water, while hypochlorous acid has a sterilizing effect, which can prevent bacteria and dust from attaching to clothes.

When water is electrolyzed, alkaline ions are generated at the negative pole, creating a cleaning environment like washing powder, but the effect is relatively better. Electrolyzed water oxidizes and decomposes metal oxides, oily organic matter, and some residual chemical components in water. It has obvious decolorization and bleaching effects on common organic colors and achieves the purpose of washing clothes. 

At the same time, acidic ions are generated in the positive electrode, which has an antibacterial disinfection effect and deodorization function. No chemical detergents are added during the cleaning process, to get rid of the dependence on chemicals, truly no secondary pollution and zero emissions. It is healthier for the human body and more environmentally friendly for the environment.

  1. Features of Washwow washers
  • 1) When using this product to clean clothes and underwear, there is no need to add chemicals such as washing powder or laundry detergent to prevent secondary pollution. Our products can be used to sterilize clothing and decompose some organic stains, achieving the purpose of cleaning.
  • 2) One of the benefits of using our product to do laundry is mold-resistant and odor-free when clothing is hard to dry in a humid environment. 
  • 3) Since there is no mechanical movement and friction involved when adopting electrolysis washing technology, which means it ensures no wear-and-tear on the clothes, it's crucial for some high-end clothes.
  • 4) Due to its small size and portability, it can be carried around.
  • 5) Silent, power saving
  • 6) The first portable washer without the need for washing powder, a patented product of black technology. We are committed to developing exclusive washing machines, which are eco-friendly and offers the energy-efficient operation, a trendsetting smart laundry.


  1. How to use:


Choose appropriate containers (buckets, wash basins, etc.) according to the quantity of clothing (one person wears excluding jackets ).

  • Put the clothes into the container and add water as much as possible to cover the clothes.
  • Put this product into water.
  • After a certain period of time, take out the clothes and then wring them out to dry.


Machine wash--

Put the laundry balls and the laundry into the washing machine together, do not put detergents such as washing powder and laundry detergent.

Start the washing machine to clean. The electronic laundry ball works well with the washing machine.

One laundry ball with a washing capacity of 2-3kg (if the laundry weighs 3-5kg, please use 2 or more laundry balls simultaneously)

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